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24/7 Roadside Assistance

4 Steps To Follow

- Contact us - Call JTS Auto Assist helpline for assistance at 1700-81-9611 / 012-563 8616
- Describe incident - Explain the problem you encounter and reveal your location.
- Confirmation - You will be informed of the Tow Trucks' Registration Number and Driver's / Technician Information.
- Stay Safe & Wait - Prompt and reliable assistance will be on its way



The Trusted towing and roadside assistance service provider is always one that offers 24-hour roadside assistance so you can be covered for any type of roadside emergency, anytime and anywhere.

1. Open the hood on both cars. Make sure the vehicle with the charged battery is running.
2. Connect the ground on the dead car to ground on the charged battery.
3. Connect the live wire on the charged battery to the positive terminal on the dead battery.
4. While slightly revving the engine on the charged vehicle, attempt to start the dead car.

Changing your tyre is rather standard.

  1. Jack up your car
  2. Loosen the lug nuts
  3. Remove damaged tyre
  4. Replace with doughnut(replacement standby tyre)
  5. Tighten the lug nuts
  6. Lower the jack.

If your vehicle’s battery is dead, the independent service driver will jump-start your vehicle if possible. If it cannot be started, technician will be provided under the battery replacement.

When the car Run Out Of Fuel, the techncian will assist to buy and delivery the fuel to the scene of Breakdown.

We are supplied with a warranty against defects for the period and application, as detailed on each battery. In the event of a warranty claim call 1700 81 9611 for your nearest warranty claim location. Proof of purchase is required. For valid claims, We will replace the product free of charge.